Vantage Comics


Fresh from her appearance in the pages of Four Hundred Stories, Wavemistress is out to prove that Navy is no Zodiac, even if it costs the rest of the team their lives! With UN PEACE at her mercy, Navy must figure out what she wants with him before it's too late.

Written by Cathy Tsai, pencilled by Bob Farmer, and inked by Sanjiro Hoturi. In Miraweb format, 32 pages, $2.25.

Team One!

The Reforming of Team One story reaches its thrilling conclusion in issue #162. Wounded in battle, Halo chooses to strike out on her own path, while Ravensfire accepts her responsibilities as an adult superhero. Still, that leaves Team One at only two members, until a surprising stranger shows up during their latest fight. Never a dull moment for America's Superheros!

Written by Jase Cornwell, pencilled by Marlo Casada, and inked by Frank Parker. In Mando format, 32 pages, $2.50.

Hurricane Warnings

In the special third anniversary issue of Hurricane Warnings, Keith Hernandez takes us back to Hurricane's early days for a very special look at the reasons Team One's leader became a superhero. You'll also learn about the origins of Swamp Gas, the friendship the two men had, and the way it all went wrong. This issue is based on exclusive interviews with Hurricane himself.

Written by Keith Hernandez, and pencilled and inked by Rick Menveik. In Standard format, 32 pages, $1.95.

The N.Y. Rangers

In issue #80, the New York Rangers go travelling! In two separate stories, Snap teams up with Goldenwatch to solve the "Baffling Banishment of the Bay Bridge" and Rockette heads down to LA to join Action Girl in "Action, Reaction, Ignition!" What's the secret thread that links them both? Only the sinister Kodiak knows!

Written by Glen Macleary, and pencilled and inked by Alice Macleary. In Miraweb format, 32 pages, $2.25.

Untold Tales of Slipstream

Issue #8 marks the beginning of our first extended story arc! Slipstream never thought she'd have trouble finding time to date Frank Morrison, fight crime, and get her homework done until she started... to slow... down... As she tries to figure out how everyone else gets everything done, we introduce a previously unchronicled villain: Black Commander! But is he really the cause of her problems, or is there someone else behind the scenes?

Written by Jase Cornwell, pencilled by Catenary, and inked by Thomas Ford. In Standard format, 32 pages, $1.95.

Special Note: 10% of the proceeds from sales of Untold Tales of Slipstream is donated to Team One's American Foundation, Slipstream's favorite charity. The American Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of America's children.

Four Hundred Stories

Issue #34 opens with an unusual story of a future that might be. A thousand years from now, Dane Barker is a lone scientist who develops a serum that grants immortality -- at a horrible cost! The Guardians of the Universe are forced to wrench Blindspot of UN PEACE from the twentieth century and leave him to solve two mysteries: what has Dane done and how will he get back?

In the backup story, Adobe has to battle crooked politicians, the Great Chicago Fire, and his own conscience as he tries to save a city from corrupt rule. Luckily, when he gets hot, he gets dry, and when he gets dry -- he gets strong!

Written by Glen Macleary and Hector Cardones, pencilled by Jason Kathode and V. Sterling, and inked by Paul Houseman and Frank Parker. In Standard format, 48 pages, $2.50.