The New York Rangers

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Issue #78

The New York Rangers return from their crossover with Team One to disturbing rumors of a new thief in town. Will a French accent be Shimmer's undoing, or will Shimmer undo the thefts? Find out in issue #78. Backup story: it's Snap versus Dennis Rodman when the Knicks take on the Bulls, with a demon as the coach!

Issue #79

The Ringmaster's Elaborate Circus of Crime has fifty years of history, both entertaining children and robbing every bank in sight. The New York Rangers are a tenth that age. Down on the midway, the barkers are putting good odds on the Circus -- but the Rangers aren't playing by the odds!

Issue #80

In issue #80, the New York Rangers go travelling! In two separate stories, Snap teams up with Goldenwatch to solve the "Baffling Banishment of the Bay Bridge" and Rockette heads down to LA to join Action Girl in "Action, Reaction, Ignition!" What's the secret thread that links them both? Only the sinister Kodiak knows!

Written by Glen Macleary, and pencilled and inked by Alice Macleary. In Miraweb format, 32 pages, $2.25.

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