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Issue #160

In issue #160 of Team One!, Team One regroups after the harrowing battle in the Arctic. Hurricane arrives on the team, only to find that his first duty will be a recruitment drive. And Laurentide spends too much time in his room. Don't miss this issue, as the Reforming of Team One story arc continues.

Issue #161

The Reforming of Team One enters its most harrowing moments, as Halo flees the team and Laurentide changes his name to Black Ice. Ravensfire shows up from UN PEACE just in time to help Hurricane in the resulting battle between former teammates, but is she really ready to be a full-fledged superhero? And will Halo return before The Great Chicago Fire shows up to help Black Ice? Navy of UN PEACE guest stars.

Issue #162

The Reforming of Team One story reaches its thrilling conclusion in issue #162. Wounded in battle, Halo chooses to strike out on her own path, while Ravensfire accepts her responsibilities as an adult superhero. Still, that leaves Team One at only two members, until a surprising stranger shows up during their latest fight. Never a dull moment for America's Superheros!

Written by Jase Cornwell, pencilled by Marlo Casada, and inked by Frank Parker. In Mando format, 32 pages, $2.50.

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