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Issue #1

UN PEACE is our newest exciting title, telling the real stories of the world's newest superhero team! In our first issue, UN PEACE comes together to fight the deadly Iraqi Attack Pack -- but will the team's first day together be their last?

Issue #2

In UN PEACE #2, the team ventures into the depths of the Cambodian jungle to hunt down a dangerous dictator. Back at the UN headquarters in New York, Charles gets word that their target may have a superhuman on his side -- but by the time he confirms the rumor, UN PEACE has already met the man who started it. Now it's time to find out just how strongly UN PEACE believes in its cause.

Issue #3

Fresh from her appearance in the pages of Four Hundred Stories, Wavemistress is out to prove that Navy is no Zodiac, even if it costs the rest of the team their lives! With UN PEACE at her mercy, Navy must figure out what she wants with him before it's too late.

UN PEACE is written by Cathy Tsai, pencilled by Bob Farmer, and inked by Sanjiro Hoturi. Miraweb format, 32 pages, $2.25.

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