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Issue #34

Hurricane's troubles continue in issue #34 as the villainous Swamp Gas takes advantage of the time he spends with Team One. Luckily, Connie is not as helpless as Swamp Gas expects, and Orlando will never be quite the same.

Pat Blauner makes a guest appearance as penciller and inker.

Issue #35

Hurricane returns to Orlando from the nation's capital, with his fellow Team One member Ravensfire at his side. Swamp Gas turns out to be more flammable than expected, and Connie's a little steamed about Hurricane's attractive new teammate. It's the perfect time for The Gator to send a horde of hungry alligators crawling towards Disneyland -- or at least, that's how he sees it!

Issue #36

In the special third anniversary issue of Hurricane Warnings, Keith Hernandez takes us back to Hurricane's early days for a very special look at the reasons Team One's leader became a superhero. You'll also learn about the origins of Swamp Gas, the friendship the two men had, and the way it all went wrong. This issue is based on exclusive interviews with Hurricane himself.

Hurricane Warnings is written by Keith Hernandez, and pencilled and inked by Rick Menveik. In Standard format, 32 pages, $1.95.

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