Untold Tales of Slipstream

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Issue #5

Vantage's new hit title continues! In issue #5, the youthful Slipstream investigates rumors of a strange woman -- who's just as fast as her. Has someone copied her powers? Does she have a relative she never knew? Find out in "The Stream Flows Both Ways."

Issue #6

Even Slipstream has to go to high school, and it's a good thing today, as one of her classmates suddenly manifests superhuman powers. The question on everyone's mind: will he be a hero, or a villain? When he takes over the PA system to announce that from now on he wants to be called Necropsis, it doesn't look good!

Issue #7

Issue #7 marks the beginning of our first extended story arc! Slipstream never thought she'd have trouble finding time to date Frank Morrison, fight crime, and get her homework done until she started... to slow... down... As she tries to figure out how everyone else gets everything done, we introduce a previously unchronicled villain: Black Commander! But is he really the cause of her problems, or is there someone else behind the scenes?

Written by Jase Cornwell, pencilled by Catenary, and inked by Thomas Ford. In Standard format, 32 pages, $1.95.

Special Note: 10% of the proceeds from sales of Untold Tales of Slipstream is donated to Team One's American Foundation, Slipstream's favorite charity. The American Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of America's children.

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