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Issue #32

In issue #32 of Vantage's ongoing anthology comic, we return to the days of World War II to tell the story of the first meeting between Stormhawk and King Anton II of Montenegro. Also, Zodiac battles Silver Dragon while Wavemistress prepares a deadly surprise beneath the sea.

Written by Mark Brillantine and Cathy Tsai, pencilled by Jason Kathode and Rick Menveik, and inked by Paul Houseman and Rick Menveik. In Standard format, 48 pages, $2.50.

Issue #33

This month's lead story answers the oft-asked question, "Can Goldenwatch build a moral dilemma too big for Paladin to lift?" No help from Monolith allowed. Also, the new Boston hero Tin Angel discusses trademark infringement with Halo, until Tar Babe drops by for tea.

Written by Jase Cornwell and Joab Freefield, pencilled by Sanjiro Hoturi and V. Sterling, and inked by Sanjiro Hoturi and Frank Parker.

Issue #34

Issue #34 opens with an unusual story of a future that might be. A thousand years from now, Dane Barker is a lone scientist who develops a serum that grants immortality -- at a horrible cost! The Guardians of the Universe are forced to wrench Blindspot of UN PEACE from the twentieth century and leave him to solve two mysteries: what has Dane done and how will he get back?

In the backup story, Adobe has to battle crooked politicians, the Great Chicago Fire, and his own conscience as he tries to save a city from corrupt rule. Luckily, when he gets hot, he gets dry, and when he gets dry -- he gets strong!

Written by Glen Macleary and Hector Cardones, pencilled by Jason Kathode and V. Sterling, and inked by Paul Houseman and Frank Parker. In Standard format, 48 pages, $2.50.

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