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They promoted me to Director of Search Operations over here at AltaVista. What can I say? Hundreds of millions of hits per day, and they're all mine... but I'll still do the very occasional update.

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Feng Shui®, terms from the rules, and the symbols used in the game are the property of Atlas Games, and are used here by permission.

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I use several fine tools to make this site fly. At present, it's a mix of vi on a Sun Ultra workstation and BBEdit on my trusty Macintosh. Frontier was interesting but not quite polished enough, although now that 5.0 is out I may revisit it.

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I am, for the most part, merely an editor -- perhaps a noble job, but the real credit for this site is due to the noble souls who wrote material. My deepest thanks to them for allowing me to make use of their words.

Equal thanks to Robin Laws and the Atlas Games crew, who have always been very supportive of my efforts, and a special thanks again to Robin for turning me on to Hong Kong flicks several years ago in the pages of Alarums and Excursions. Thanks also to Daedalus and Jose Garcia, who despite his faults did midwife the game I love so much.

And finally, thanks to the friends and roleplayers who have helped keep me interested in roleplaying all these years. You know who you are.

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