Mirror of the Soul

By Dave Blewer.

The Mirror of the Soul is a strange (non Feng Shui) Netherworld site that has featured in my campaign. It can be easily reached by using Locksley Station. The Mirror is a means of travelling to anywhere or anywhen the character wishes, anywhere at all.

It is found inside a large cavern within the Netherworld and covers an entire wall. It reflects everything in the cavern except the viewer, although he is visible to others; however they cannot see themselves.

When the character steps into the mirror, they find themselves in on a infinite mist obscured moor. Pretty soon they are confronted by twisted evil versions of themselves (or righteous, good versions depending on their outlook on life) which they must defeat in combat. Once they defeat these dopplegangers they exit the Mirror at their destination. The gateway stays open until the travellers either use it or decide that they dont need it.

The destination that the characters arrive at is the one they really need to be at, consciously or sub-conciously. It's up to the GM and it doesnt always turn out as the player's expect.

For example, in my campaign one of the characters (Angel, the Killer) was struck by one of the Darkness Queen's alabaster javelins and transformed into a living statue. The Ice Queen told them that there was only one possible cure for this affliction, Healing Earth. Healing Earth could only be found in two places:

  1. In the Pagoda of the Darkness Queen, in her personal quarters -- not really an option, or
  2. On Earth in Japan.

Now unfortunately the heroes were stranded in the Netherworld by the Molten Heart, so they had to use the Mirror of the Soul. The Mirror sent them to Nagasaki on the day that the nuclear bomb dropped. All they had to do was break into the Japanese Special Forces base that contained the Healing Earth Garden, get some Earth, and escape before the bomb hit.

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