Locksley Station

By Dave Blewer.

Locksley Station is a Netherworld Feng Shui site that bestows some strange benefits upon those that attune to it.

The site itself appears to be a large Victorian station that has a single steam passenger train at the main platform, in the centre of the site. This train has come under attack many times in its history and is scarred with the evidence of automatic fire and even the odd missile strike. I suggest that you make the Feng Shui site the property of some powerful Netherworld Crime Lord such as Gobei Evil-eye, when (or if) you introduce it into your campaign.

Those attuned to the site are able to travel around the Netherworld, if they know of a destination, they are able to find it on the map in the signal box, and are then able to move the site to within a reasonable distance of this destination. The train is an anchor point for the site and it always returns here before it can travel to another point.

This site is greatly prized by Netherworld raiders for it allows them to raid virtually with impunity and without warning. Several times, troops have hidden in the train carriages when the station is "away" and ambushed the raiders when they return. This has led the holders of the site to rake the train with an extreme amount of firepower. Strangely, the damage that the train has taken has not effected the Chi flow of this site.

When the site "travels" it does so in huge gouts of steam that totally obscure the station from the view of anyone within the train; then with a train whistle the site vanishes. The steam clears, revealing an empty cavern. The station arrives at its destination in much the same way. If those attuned to the site perish while it is away from its anchor, it automatically returns to the train immediately.

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