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Here's the deal:

Atlas Games has obtained the rights to Feng Shui and has announced that they will be republishing the main rulebook. It will be available at Gencon. This will be a new edition in that the layout will have changed, but the text remains the same. The main rulebook will be black and white, for financial reasons.

Robin would like to get the extra archetypes from Back for Seconds into the main rulebook, along with the extra unique schticks; i.e., all the Dragon material that should have been in the main rulebook anyhow.

Robin is not going to be the developer for Feng Shui at Atlas, but a developer has been selected and it's someone Robin trusts. They are making sure a bunch of supplements are lined up for quick release after the reissue; it's important to have good support. They won't be reissuing the supplements that we've already seen, because they don't have the rights to those.

Robin recently said that Seeds of the New Flesh would in fact be coming out from Atlas Games; he pretty pointedly did not say that Golden Comeback or Blowing Up London would be showing up. I'd guess that this is because Greg Stolze got the rights to Seeds back from Daedalus; Golden Comeback was largely written by Jose and who knows if Ken Walton has the rights to Blowing up London? It's also unclear that the hordes of fans are yearning for a London sourcebook...

(Sources: various newsgroup postings, interviews, and a Robin Laws chat session from Pyramid Online.)

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