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The Golden Comeback

News on the Atlas Games revival of Feng Shui has been moved to the Feng Shui Phoenix Page.

Upcoming Supplements

Seeds of the New Flesh is fully written. (Greg Stolze wrote it.) He'd resolved his issues with Daedalus as of summer 1997, so if Daedalus was in business we might expect to see it some day. It covered, unsurprisingly, the world of 2056 with new arcanotechnology and other high tech gadgets.

Greg recently had this to say about Seeds:

The way I wrote "Seeds of the New Flesh" sets up something of a balance between the two extremes already mentioned. A lot of the world is the boring, conformist, work-focussed nightmare. However, there are some hot spots (like Branson and the Texas Demilitarized Zone) where the army still runs the show. Corporations don't have their own armies, but they've got just about everything else. It's a globalized economy dominated by state-aided monopolies, but I concentrated less on the economy than on society, which is very different from 1999 indeed. For example, it's a social taboo to date or marry someone of your own race...

Works In Limbo

Golden Comeback: The player's guide to Feng Shui, which includes an overview of the Dragons and the backgrounds of its major players. This book also includes a host of new schticks in virtualy every category (guns, fu, sorcery, etc) as well as introducing gadgetry and heroic schticks. A few new types and a full history of the secret war from the Dragon point of view round out the mix. Tim Byrd, one of the authors, used to have some info on this on his site but it seems to be gone now.

Jose presumably still has the rights to this; I don't expect to see his stuff in print, although Atlas may do their own Dragons book.

Blowing Up Hong Kong would have been the first city guide for Feng Shui. It would have had NPCs, adventures, and more; it was only in the outline stages when cancelled. The current state of this is probably similar to Golden Comeback.

Blowing Up London, by Ken Walton, is at least partially written.

What's Out Now

The first four Feng Shui supplements are as follows:

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