UN PEACE Members

Blindspot (Team Founder, Deceased)

Aleksandr Zhivkov of Bulgaria provided tactical expertise to the team; a former member of the Bulgarian Youth Brigade, his martial arts combined with his ability to blind his opponents to make him a truly formidable opponent.

He gave his life to save his team in February of 1998, and is sorely missed by his friends and teammates.

Chimera (Team Founder, Retired)

Her Royal Highness Princess Mira of Montenegro served as the Monacan member of UN PEACE. Her mutable form gives her the ability to adapt to any situation, while her beauty, poise, and tact ensures that no matter what the need, she will meet it with style.

Regrettably, personal committments involving her royal heritage forced her to leave UN PEACE in the spring of 1997.

Doc Stingray

Midori Ishida is the first Japanese member of UN PEACE, able to leave her homeland because of a special dispensation of the Japanese parliment. In her suit of battle armor, guided by her keen intelligence, she has already proven the wisdom of their decision. Even more important, however, she brings the team insight into Asian culture -- and yet more opportunities to learn the value of cooperation.


Paul Laurentine, youthful knight of France, brings not combat effectiveness to UN PEACE but the ability to project his emotions to those around him. His desire for peace and his reluctance to accept violent solutions help the team convince their opponents to lay down their weapons.

Harmony (Retired)

Maria first entered the public eye as a pop star in her native Brazil, but when she suddenly gained superpowers while performing at Navy's retirement ceremony, UN PEACE instantly offered her a place on the team. Her ability to project sound (as well as her skill at capioera) was a great asset to the team during her tenure.

Maria retired from UN PEACE during the spring of 1998 in order to return to her international singing career.

Navy (Team Founder, Retired)

John Woodson's proudest dream was to join the United States Navy, and he honors his country's armed forces by his code name. A master of water, his telekinetic control of that element gives the team a heavy punch when combat is inevitable. When working with Rime, the pair of aquatic superheros showed why this team can rightfully call themselves Cooperation Envoys.

Cadet Woodson retired from UN PEACE in summer 1997 to pursue his dream in the United States Naval Academy.

Ravenfire (Retired)

Rachel Tall-Mountain's tenure with the team was short but worthy. Acting as the envoy from the Navaho Nation of North America, her powers of flight and fire were essential in preventing the New Year's Blimp Disaster of 1997. When she decided shortly thereafter that her abilities would be better used among her own people, a thankful New York renamed a street on the Lower West Side in her honor.

Rime (Team Founder, Retired)

Jacqueline Aitken left behind her Olympic ambitions as a figure skater to join UN PEACE as the Canadian representative to the team. Canada, always a strong supporter of UN peacekeeping efforts, makes no exception when it comes to superheros -- Rime is perhaps the most famous superhero Canada has ever produced. Her powers over ice are the perfect complement to Navy's, and as a team they reflect the long-standing cooperation between Canada and America, while setting an example for the nations of the world.

Rime retired in December 1997 to spend more time with her family; it is expected that she will return to active superheroics in due course.


Dianna Brethos, daughter of the prominent American senator, is the second United States citizen to join UN PEACE -- and she follows in Navy's footsteps as a mistress of water. Her modesty and quiet nature have made her an instant favorite among UN PEACE fans, and her talents have made her a valuable addition to the team. Announcing her presence at any battle with a wave of overwhelming water, she is a force nobody can ignore.