Date: September 29th, 2018
Game Dates:
Characters: Crucible, Dock, Loretta


On a personal level, the Hexhounds mostly slopped around, got their wounded tended to, and blew off some stress. Dock spent some time worshipping with Aranna the Blessed?, which wasn't as satisfying as his old cult. Crucible got some much needed relief on the Silver Swan?. Etty snuck into the Spiregarden Theater? and appreciated the play, even if she couldn't afford a ticket.

Also, and more significantly, Dock blew some of the Hexhound bank on the necessary supplies to retrieve Ulf Ironborn's thug from the Void. Their new friend Clive was damaged from his sojourn in a pocket dimension, but seemed at least temporarily loyal to the Hexhounds.

The crew also decided it was time to get their boat in shape. With some spare funds from the winery, they hired a shipwright to come in and make it canal worthy again. While she was there, they also had her kit out a section of belowdecks as a workshop, suitable for both Crucible and Dock.


The crew had the necessary reputation to elevate their game, but not the coin to pay off Lord Scurlock; after brief conversation they decided to see if the aforementioned master of Six Towers had any work that needed doing. Etty sent a polite note to Andrel asking for a meeting; he showed up at the Old Dragon the following day. It turns out Lord Scurlock did have a small need.

One of the better gamblers in the Shattered Isles, Lizette?, was in Doskvol for the yearly Lord's Flutter games. (Flutter is a gambling game somewhat like poker, but each gambler must build two hands from a pool of eight cards.) Andrel explained, carefully, that it would make Lord Scurlock most happy if Lizette were to lose at the final table -- she must reach the final table, which was an outcome quite likely given her skill, but she must lose once she was there.

Crucible: "What if she just has an accident on the way to the table?"
Andrel: "Oh my, no, that would not do at all. She must lose."

The Hexhounds assimilated this new requirement into their worldview, bid goodbye to Andrel, and began to contemplate the challenge ahead. After some time spent exploring occult methodologies, Crucible brought up the idea of using some sort of alchemical preparation to ruin Lizette's judgement.

So we strategized. And came up with the idea of giving her TRUTH SERUM so she'd have a gabillion tells and lose the game. This required us to go *get* some truth serum at an apothecary. So we did a deal with this apothecary guy for exclusive access to some of our Void Mushrooms, and got our truth serum. We tried it on our new friend Clive.

Clive is actually one of Ulf Ironborn's thugs, that Dock tossed into the void last session. We got him out (all he can say is "Clive" and "Yep" now), and being us, did *not* make his life better.

We tested the truth serum on him, it worked! So we then spent a bunch of time figuring out how to dose Lisette on the day of the final game.

frellie [7:40 AM] We decided we needed more information! So Etty infiltrated the gathering -- easy, since it was a bunch of fancy nobles and she can *sorta* still pass in that crowd. She ended up at the table of the Imperial family (not good!) though she could observe Lisette with ease (good!).

She unfortunately drew the attentions of both a love-struck teenager from that family and also the teenager's father, who finally started asking probing questions.

So we put into motion our distraction plan, which was for Dock to release a ghost into the room, chase it, and distract the crowd. Success! I'm sure Old Griggs wouldn't be mad at all that we hooked in another ghost, used it, and then released it in the city. And left a hole in the fence around the city that protects it from ghostly doom. Hexhounds! From that, we learned that Lisette was a total adrenaline junkie. So Etty hit on the bold plan of *betting* Lisette, up front, that she couldn't win the final game while on truth serum.

Lisette: that isn't boring! Sure! And she said she'd pay us TEN coin if she lost, or we'd owe her a big favor if she won.

At the Big Game, she played spectacularly, but her focus on the truth serum meant that her play suffered. It was down to two players, her and this other guy, when Mischa (I assume I'm spelling it wrong) from the ATTIC asked if she could pay to sub in for the other guy.

She beat Lisette, claimed all of Lisette's money, AND the two pieces of...the widow's regalia, like the collar that brought Cas into our lives! So Mischa walked away with a lot of money and two pieces of jewelry closer to the apocalypse.

strandit [7:44 AM] Copy pasted into the wiki, thanks. :smile:

frellie [7:44 AM] And then we got away, though that required straight up using Clive to murder the Imperial guard who was following Etty.

We are so fucked. But it was vastly entertaining. Oh, and Lisette's flat-out broke now, so she's going to get our coin slowly over time and pay interest. But with our payment from Lord Scurlock's man, we were able to pay enough tribute TO Lord Scurlock that we are now a More Impressive Gang. And we have a boathouse and a workshop and maybe a Clive, though he's pretty torn up.