If you've an ounce of perception you'll have noticed that I sprinkle my links heavily throughout the site. This is the all in one menu.

*DC Comics/Helix
 The publisher. We like them. You can find some of Spider's columns here.
*Warren Ellis
 His own personal Web page, Smoke Damage. Do not miss this.
*Darick Robertson
 He's got a fan page all to himself, and it's a nice one, too.
*Read Pheasant Throughout
 Nick Eden's reviews page has a review of issue #5. Favorable, of course.
*Pupin Grove
 Another Transmetropolitan fan page! Excitement grows. Not a lot of material, but he does have original reviews.
*Hunter S. Thompson
 A big fat whopping influence on Spider, along with...
*H. L. Mencken
*Tom Wolfe (he used to be a journalist, not just an indifferent writer!)
*Bob Woodward (him too!)
*George Plimpton
*Nick Broomfield
 "and a dozen more," says Warren.
*The Mars Direct Information Page (#3)
*Norman Spinrad (#5)
* (#6)
*The Sweeney (#8)
*Bare-Faced Messiah (a biography of L. Ron Hubbard) and The Transmet Feed (#9)
 These are the Web sites Warren recommends in the lettercol.
*Garth Ennis
 Is the writer most akin to Warren, if anyone is at all. Except Garth has this thing about American culture. It's hard to describe.
*Grant Morrison
 Is my other favorite comic writer, so you're stuck with this link, but I'll tap dance quickly and claim that Grant and Warren share a millenial attitude all too rare in comics today and that'll make it all better.
*Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources
 It's the best site on the Internet for comic book resources, so I threw it in. He doesn't have everything, but he's got a darned good overview.


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