Whirlpool of Blood

By Patrick O'Duffy.

The Whirlpool is an enormous feng shui site within the Netherworld. I mean big -- this is a huge lake, kilometres wide, big enough to have a few islands and to support several pirate ships.

The pirates of the Whirlpool are a mixed and motley lot -- the detritus of many junctures and timelines, making a living by preying on those who have to pass through the Whirlpool. Many do -- it sits smack in the middle of many routes within the Netherworld.

Why is it called the Whirlpool of Blood? Because that's what it is - there's blood here instead of water! Actually, it isn't really blood, but it certainly looks and feels like blood. No one's sure what it is, but it's not just coloured water. The "blood" can act in strange ways, particularly when exposed to chi or magic. In one case, a volume of it froze into an amber-like substance and trapped two people within in suspended animation.

The reason the pirates can be so successful in their raiding is due to the nature of the Whirlpool's chi. Entering the Whirlpool de-attunes you from your other FS sites, and disrupts you from your presonal chi. Treat this as a similar effect to the Fertility Schtick De-Attunement, with an AV equal to the highest AV among those attuned to the Whirlpool (who are immune to this problem). This also negates the Shaping skill, and any special abilities confered by the sites. Re-attunement occurs automatically when (if) you leave the Whirlpool.

The pirates fight among themselves for control of the Whirlpool, so feel free to come up with your own flamboyant Bad Guy to be in charge.

Oh, and don't forget why they call it the "Whirlpool" -- this area has localized storms, waterspouts, typhoons and undertows. Be careful when you go swimming...

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