Thunder Champions

By David Eber.


The Thunder Champions are an elite brotherhood of warrior-nobles who call the King of the Thunder Pagoda their lord and sovereign and who have pledged their lives in his service. Like the knights of medieval Europe from which they draw their namesake, the Thunder Champions represent the cream of Huan Ken's forces, combining superior skill at arms, shrewd tactical sense, and the ability to lead on the battlefield. Thunder Knights who demonstrate these qualities are chosen to become champions.

The Thunder Champions are also supposed to adhere to a code of chivalry that requires them to be fearless in battle and utterly devoted to their liege. In this they they excel, though the finer points of chivalric behavior, such as courtesy, humility, and mangamity are often absent. In truth, Huan Ken values physical prowess and unquestioning loyalty more than he does courtly behavior, and so usually only lip service is paid to the ideals of knightly behavior.

The surest way to rise to this station is for a knight to distinguish himself on the battlefield. Champions are also sometimes chosen during competitions and physical contests if they make an exceptional showing, and some are simply picked because they somehow manage to catch the Thunder King's attention. Either way, the Thunder Champions undergo intensive training to improve themselves even further, including instruction in the Path of the Thunderous Storm or other Fu paths. They are then sent out to lead Huan Ken's armies into battle. Those who distinguish themselves are often well rewarded by their King, and the best of them often wield magical weapons of deadly power.

All Thunder Champions should be considered named characters.

Typical Thunder Champion

Body 8, Chi 1 (Fu=5), Mind 5, Reflexes 7
Martial Arts 14, Leadership 10, Info/Strategy 10, Intimidation 8, Info/Netherworld 7
Lightning Strike, Clap of Thunder

If you don't want to use the Path of the Thunderous Storm, any two Fu schticks will do (Path of the Sharpened Scales is quite popular). Alternately, you could give them any three weapon schticks instead.

Unique Schtick:
Thunder Champions are so experienced in fully armored combat that they take no Agility penalties from wearing armor. They normally wear plate mail, which provides a +2 bonus to Toughness. Some Champions will also include a sheild, which adds another +1 bounus, while others prefer to use a 2 handed weapon instead.
Sword, mace, or similar weapon (12) and shield; or, greatsword, battle axe, or other two handed weapon (13).

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