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This page of various and sundry stunts was compiled from a thread started by Steve Barr, and intended as inspiration for your players. Additions are welcome.

General Combat

Interposing an opponent between you and another opponent so he takes damage meant for you.

Interposing an dead body between you and an opponent so it takes damage meant for you.

Using moving cover (a car, rolling a round table on its edge) to take damage meant for you.

Knocking something onto your opponent(s) so he can't attack.

Slide under a table, and use a karate kick to stand it up to provide cover to hide behind.

Knock a mook behind you silly with a backhand while looking the other way (simple, but effective and fun).

Swinging on something (say, a chandelier) and grabbing a mook by the neck in a scissors lock with your legs. Either break his neck, or knock him silly at this point.

Gun Combat

Shooting through something to hit your target.

Shooting while sliding down something/on something.

Shooting while jumping up from somewhere.

Shooting while leaping through a window or over something.

Shooting up windows/other things so targets take damage from the fragments.

Shooting a rope/switch so that something falls on a target.

Richocheting a bullet off something so it hits a target.

Shooting an enemies weapon out from his very hands (see The Phantom for lots of examples of this).

Grabbing the wrists of two mooks who are trying to shoot you with pistols, and pulling them so that they are aiming at each other when the shots go off.

Shooting at things in the environment to produce an effect.


Props in Combat

Throwing props at your opponents, possibly taking out several at once. (e.g. hubcaps).

Using props as improvised weapons (e.g. crowbar, 2x4, beer bottle, iron skillet).

Using props to trip up opponents (e.g. billiard balls, ice, oil).

Sliding across the ground into a chair, kicking the chair into an attacking mook.


Stunts contributed by:

Steve Barr
Tim Isakson
David Eber

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