Sammy Chung

By Jason Langlois.

In my Feng Shui campaign, the PCs managed to defeat Ta Yu's scheme (see Baptism of Fire) but didn't finish him off. Since then, he has been putting together a new team of people to help him gain his revenge. I've decided to share one of these people with you all. The inspiration for this GMC came from Big Brother Tsien and a song by The Tragically Hip.

"Three Pistol" Sammy Chung

Bod 10, Chi 1, Mnd 6, Ref 6
Creature Powers 13
Driving 10
Guns 13
Intimidation 12
Leadership 10
Martial Arts 13
Creature Schticks:
Transformation x2
Inevitable Comeback
Gun Schticks:
"Three" Guns Blazing x 2
3 x Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum (13/3/6)

Sammy Chung is a demon with a suit, sunglasses, and attitude. Summoned up by Ta Yu, he quickly has adapted to the modern era. Where most of his brethren tend to claws, goo, and the gross, Sammy prefers to use style, technique and large caliber handguns. His personal goal is to ditch Ta Yu, and set up himself in charge of the Poison Thorns and take a bite out of Kowloon.

Sammy generally stays in his human form, in the appearance of a well muscled Asian man in his mid-twenties. When things get rough, he'll use his Transformation to get a third arm (and a third pistol). However, when he is hurt or enraged, he will shift into his Demonic Form: a three armed, flaming haired, blue- skinned, scaled ball of blazing gun fury.

Yes, it's what you think. Sammy uses Three Guns Blazing. Basically, it's like Both Guns Blazing with an extra gun. Damage is Dam + Dam + Dam - 3xTgh + Outcome. This can be pretty nasty, but is offset somewhat by Sammy's preference for revolvers (and the fact that it would take some 15 shots to reload them all).

I built Sammy to provide a challenge to my PCs without overwhelming them. His high Body means he can soak up some punishment, and hopefully survive long enough to be a recurring foe. If you intend to use him in any of your own games, I'd suggest pegging his Guns AV at the average of your PCs AVs. He's supposed to be tough, but not overwhelming.

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