Modern Guns II

By Douglas P. Wojtowicz.

Heckler and Koch USP 9mm/.40/.45

Stats: 9mm: 10/1/15+1
.40: 10/1/13+1
.45: 10/1/12+1

This sweet little pistol is for those folks who like the HK P7, but want more shots and a lighter package. Also, a must for guys who can't stand to have a signature gun which isn't a .45 auto. Remember the mantra, "Fine German Craftsmanship."

PANCORP 12 Gauge Shotgun

Stats: 13/4/10** (Takes out mooks on a 3 or less.)

Designed to be a true battle shotgun, the PANCORP holds more shots than other shotguns by means of a circular cassette of cartridges, but some may not like it because it doesn't go "Ka-Chink!," while the rest of the world likes that it goes from empty to loaded as fast as an autopistol.

Beretta Tomcat .32 Auto

Stats: 9/1/7+1

The same as the Beretta Bobcat, but in a bigger caliber, and isn't named after a sweaty, balding, spastic comedian.

.454 Freedom Arms Casull

Stats: 13/3/5

For some people, the .44 Magnum just simply wasn't big enough. This huge .45 caliber revolver can also use regular .45 ammunition (Dam=10) when you run out of its standard fodder, but if you can't do the job with more than a couple cylinders full, then you really shouldn't take on the flying, giant, fire breathing turtles, should you now?

Walther P38 9mm

Stats: 10/2/8+1

This World War II classic was mentioned in the Lupin write-ups, and I just wanted to set the record straight. While cops generally don't use it anymore, even in Germany, it's a very, very cool piece of fine German craftsmanship, and a suitably ironic piece to use if your mooks are Nazis, and isn't that what this is all about?

Marlin 444, in .444 Magnum

Stats: 15/5/5+1

A nice, sleek-looking cowboy style rifle that just happens to be powerful enough to shoot through an armored limousine. Is there anything wrong with that? (Vietnam Fun Fact: The Green Berets and SOCOM during Vietnam used the Marlin .444 to make huge holes in Vietnam commanders a third of a mile away as a means of demoralizing the Viet Cong. Something about the terror of seeing your leader standing there one minute, then the next, still standing there, but now you can set your beer right on his sternum.)

Grenade Launcher, 40mm

Stats: 20/5/1

Just for the sake of you folks who don't think either the Casull or the Marlin make quite a large enough boom. Note: Most grenade launchers also can fire off tear gas, clouds of colored smoke (which makes for a great background effect during mass fights) and magnesium flares which blaze dramatically during night scenes, and can sometimes set buildings on fire.

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