Flesh of the Architects

By Douglas P. Wojtowicz.


While the PC team conducts what they think is a routine raid on an Architect base in the current juncture, they find a stockpile of old, "obsolete" Buro weaponry (conversely, this is state of the art 1990s stuff) as part of a series of shipments to Argentina.

Things become much clearer when a hostage crisis at the Taiwan embassy floods the TV screens, and the terrorists are gleefully showing off their hardware. The team decides it's time to take a closer look at the hostage situation in Buenos Aires, finding themselves at odds with the local police and military, as well as the terrorists, who have been steadily releasing hostages, some of whom do not appear to be acting right.

(Subplot: one of the PC's old friends was one of the hostages released, but he's completely acting out of character.)

As they investigate the released hostages, they discover that they're Buro operatives, who've have themselves radically molded to become genetic duplicates of the hostages, important people who will change the future of the world. Needless to say, the PC's are going to have to worm their way past "friendly" forces and start demolishing terrorist mooks and the plasmo-cast duplicates, all the while trying to free the real hostages, some of whom may have been plucked away to the Netherworld, or possibly sent to camps to be changed into something even more horrible.


Fidel Gunther (terrorist leader)

"I strike out with venom against those who spill my brothers' blood!"

Attributes: Body: 8, Chi: 0 (For:4), Mind: 7, Ref: 8

Skills: Guns: 13, Martial Arts: 13, Info: Propaganda: 10, Deceit: 10

Damage: Punch: 9, Kick: 10, AK-47: 13*/5/30, Colt 1911 x 2: 10/2/7+1

Schticks: Both Guns Blazing x 2, Carnival of Carnage x 2.

Fidel is the son of a Gestapo Kommando, and feels that Argentina is for pure white blood only. He hates Orientals (let Germany down in the War) and anyone else who gets in his way. He's an officer in an Architect supplied supremacist organization called the International.


"Halt! Who goes there?"

Attributes: Body: 6, Chi: 0, Mind: 4, Ref: 6

Skills: Guns: 8, Martial Arts: 7, Intrusion: 8

Damage: Punch: 7, Kick: 8, Uzi: 10/3/30+1, Magnum: 11/3/6

Your typical cement headed Argentine neo-nazi.

Plasmo-Cast Duplicate

"I'm not the man I used to be."

Stats in brackets are Plasmookast Duplimooks.

Attributes: Body: 10 [8], Chi: 6 [0], Mind: 8 [6], Ref: 10 [7]

Skills: Guns: 14 [8], Martial Arts: 14 [9], Deceit: 12 [8], Intrusion: 12 [9]

Schticks: Lightning Reload x 4, Regeneration, Shedding Skin (as per Transformed Snake, except can kill someone and "devour" them to forgo the two week replacement period, but is reduced to mook Attributes for two weeks.)

Damage: Punch: 11 [9], Kick: 12[10], Improvised Club: 12[10], Dead Cop's Magnum 11/3/6, but see above.

Designed to be able to hunt down the foes of the architects anywhere, with a minimum of support or technology, the PCD's are a subtle, but explosive tool for ambush, infiltration and most of all, termination. If they are exposed for what they are, they can absorb another's identity by killing them and reducing themselve to ARB plasm, which melds with the original body. However, the process is painfull and debilitating, but still they remain powerfull menaces even in their weakened state.

(Note to GMs: feel free to include Corruption as a schtick to make named PCD's extremely hideous, except it only affects unnamed characters, and it only makes mook versions.)

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