Don't Drink the Water!

A Feng Shui adventure in three parts,
by Alan Krause.

[Editorial note: the rest of this was never posted, but I rather liked the initial setup.]

Campaign Overview

The Architects of the Flesh are experimenting in the contemporary juncture with a bio/arcanowave engineered substance called arcanoplasm.

There has already been a first, small scale test where the arcanoplasm has been introduced in a semi-controlled environment where its effects are currently being studied and noted. This is where the PCs should first get the idea that something is not right as they all somehow stumble upon evidence of the marginally successful test (e.g. corpses). Questions will abound, clues will be found and (hopefully) acted upon.

The second phase of the Architect's plan revolves around taking their observations, and then refining the substance's construction in the lab to modify it so that it acts more in their accordance. Also at this time, delivery methods will be considered. While the research is being supervised by Boatman, the actual work will be done here in the contemporary juncture by one of Boatman's bright, young and brilliant scientists - Dr. Nina Cheng. The research is being done at GeneTech's facilities just outside of Kowloon. The company is actually a front for the Buro's scientific operations. GeneTech should look extremely clean from the outside (very philanthropic, working on cutting edge gene research to help prevent deformities in children, etc.) but after a bit of poking around, the PCs should discover that as of yet, the company has no product which is marketable.

The third stage of the plan consists of the wide spread distribution of the substance throughout a larger test area and observe the consequences. This third stage test will then be followed by a ramping up in the production of the arcanoplasm for a massive delivery that will affect all of Hong Kong.

Obviously, the PCs need to stop this.