Feng Shui Site Attunements

By Dan Allard.


This is all off the top of my head (and some reflect variations on current fu powers/creature schticks/etc.). Most are based in some way on the use of Chi, luck, and Fortune.

Note that some are nastier than others, to the point of being completely absurd; for "fortune points gained" powers, it is assumed for all of them that extra points over the Fortune rating are lost at the end of the session.

[Webmaster's note: he means it about completely absurd. Some of these should be kept to NPCs only.]


Neutralize Ch

Upon a successful martial arts strike, the target loses all use of all powers based on the Chi stat (Fu powers, magic, Fortune dice) for the remainder of the sequence/session.

Steal Luck

Upon a successful martial arts strike, one point of Fortune is transferred from the victim to the attacker.

Chi Punch

The attacker can deliver a withering punch of Chi energy to a single opponent within view at any range; besides mondo damage, it may have the side effect of de-attuning the victim from Feng Shui sites, negating the use of Fortune points for a sequence, etc.

Chi Wave of Disruption

All opponents in view of the attacker lose attunement to Feng Shui sites if the attacker makes a test of Chi vs. Will (check for each).

Reversal of Fortune

Upon a successful martial arts strike, all fortune points are transferred from the victim to the attacker.

Reserves of Luck

Using this ability lets the user gain 1 point of Fortune at the expense of 1 point of a secondary attribute. This is a temporary loss until the end of the session.

Withering Strike

Upon a sucessful martial arts strike, the victim loses 1 point in a secondary attribute (chosen by the victim) until the end of the sequence/session/permanently. The attacker gains 1 point of Fortune.

Armor of Chi

The user gains (5-8) points of armor which do not cause impairment and which cannot be ignored by such schticks as Eagle Eye.

Armor of Chi 2

The user is immune to any Chi-based attack (Fu powers, Magic, Arcanowave).

Armor of Chi 3

The user is immune to all physical attacks, though not Chi based ones.

Trace Chi

The user can follow the "trail of attunement" from someone who is attuned to a Feng Shui site all the way to that Feng Shui site.

Ring of Bad Luck

Anyone trying to attack the user of this power takes 1 shot longer to do anything than is normal because a continuous stream of unlucky events occurring to the attackers. People trip over things, flies get into peoples faces, get hit with bad stomach cramps, etc.

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