GURPS Alternate Earths Adaptations

By Craig Neumeier.

[Historical note from the Webmaster: at one point, I made a disparaging remark about GURPS Alternate Earths, the gist of which that it wouldn't make a good sourcebook for Feng Shui. Well, I've been wrong before. Craig Neumeier promptly proved me wrong, by means of the writeups below.]

Of the six realities described in GURPS Alternate Earths, Dixie and Roma Aeterna have dates that fit the assigned junctures, and Gernsback has a pulp attitude that seems like it would transfer into Feng Shui quite nicely. I've been toying with ways to turn them into critical shift scenarios, and thought people might be interested in seeing them.

There are actually other realities in GURPS Alternate Earths, but I don't plan to try and convert them. If you want to change the junctures to include Nazis, you already know how to use Reich-5. Ezcalli diverges too far back. And Shikaku-mon, in addition to not matching the junctures, is too alternate an alternate history to fit well into a Feng Shui game; the players would have to spend too much time figuring out how the world works.

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