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Page 44
Due to the artist's schedule, six character types were cut from the FENG SHUI manuscript. One of these types, the Gambler, is referred to several times in the manuscript. The six types will be appearing in one of the early supplements.
Page 48
The Everyman Hero type had another Unique schtick that we somehow lost track of in the production process. If you wanna play the way we play at Daedalus, give the Everyman Hero a +1 AV for any creative attack with an improvised weapon. Pool cues, barbells, frozen chicken dinners, weathervanes, beer bottles, you name it. Don't let the Everyman Hero use the same improvised weapon too many times to get the same bonus, an improvised weapon that gets boring is no longer improvised.
Page 49
An earlier draft of the rules allowed you to buy multiple schticks in Eagle Eye; each schtick gave you a bonus against armor or something similar. We decided to just make it a buy-it-once-and-you're-done schtick instead, but forgot to take out the Eagle Eye 2 reference for the Ex-Special Forces archetype.
Page 50
The Ghost lists the Netherworld as a possible juncture. That's accurate enough, but we didn't include full rules for creating characters from the Netherworld in FENG SHUI. Look for such rules in an upcoming supplement.
Page 58
There's a typo in the Old Master's statistics, and this is an important one. Yes, his Chi = 10, but he has (For 0). Fortune of zero, not Fortune of ten.
Pages 75-76
A textflow problem duplicates a few words in the description of the Police skill.
Page 89
In the second paragraph under Rifles, both occurrences of the words "or less" should be "or more."
Page 114
The explanation of the Blast schtick correctly states that the base Damage value of a Blast is the sorcerer's Magic rating/attribute + 2. Unfortunately the italicized example gets it wrong, basing the Blast's Damage on the sorcerer's AV + 2, which is incorrect.
Page 124
If you absorb a Fu power/schtick using the Absorption schtick, you get to use the normal Chi or Fu rating (whichever is higher) of the martial artist whose Fu schtick you've absorbed. If you absorb an Old Master's Fu schtick that costs X, go to town!
Page 127
One of our Supernatural Creature schticks is missing! The paragraph at the top of page 127 explains a power named RANCID BREATH.
Page 132
The Crab's Impervious schtick only applies to gunfire damage inflicted by opponents. Robin says that anyone who wants to play otherwise is a cheesehead.
Pages 133-134
The explanation of the Fox's Swindle skill is missing several lines. Beginning with the second sentence, it should read: "If your Martial Arts check is successful then you may -- on your next shot -- use that ability against any target, using the character's relevant Action Value in the skill to make any task checks. You may use the ability only once for each successful use of Swindle. Choose a single type of ability you can swindle when you take this schtick: either arcanowave devices, creature powers, fu powers, or skills other than sorcery..."
Page 134
The explanation of the Lurk schtick is also missing several lines. The third and fourth sentences should read: "If you are anything but perfectly still while lurking, the GM adds at least 2 to the Difficulty of the check; the exact penalty depends on how much you are moving. For each extra schtick you spend on this ability, you may affect an additional target."
Page 142
The Arcanowave Device rules for Desperate Efforts are totally crocked, they were meant to be the same as the rules for Desperate Efforts for Sorcery that are detailed on page 112. Use the rules on page 112 substituting the words Arcanowave Device for the word Sorcery.
Page 142
Two words missing at end of page: mundane gear.
Pages 253-254
Sneezy Teng and Ta Yu shouldn't have the Stunts skill, since it no longer exists.
Page 254
Ta Yu is supposed to have a magic ring that increases his Blast damage by 2. That's why his Blast does 14 points of damage.
Page 266
The actress who plays the lounge singer in THE KILLER is Sally Yeh, not Sally Yip.

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