Magic Weapon Schticks

By Garry Handelman.

Magic Weapon Schticks are a special category of fu schticks available only to those with the Fu schtick "Signature Weapon". With these schticks, your signature weapon can be a magical weapon. They count as Fu schticks (they cost 3 + x where x is the number of Fu schticks you will end up with), but have no Chi or Shot costs for the most part, they just happen whenever you wield your signature weapon. If you want more than one magical weapon, you have to buy signature weapon for each one and buy each one it's own set of magic weapon schticks. Also, try and tie them into your melodramatic hooks if you start with them.

Some of the nastier magic weapons give you arcanowave mutation points. This is to indicate that they are non-technological versions of the same dark forces that the architects meddle with, and that good guys shouldn't take them unless they are particularly dark and tormented.

Not all magic weapons are signature weapons, just all magic weapons possessed by PCs. Some effects turn weapons into magical weapons temporarily. These weapons have only the "General Properties" listed below, not any of the special properties, unless you, the GM, feel like it.

General Properties

General properties are possessed by all magic weapons for free.


Your weapon has some form of lesser demon or spirit bound into it. This spirit likes you, naturally enough. It has a Mnd equal to whatever your Fu was when you bought this schtick, and three info or social skills of your GMs choice (which can be anything, GMs are encouraged to include useful stuff, after all your player could have had some keen fu power instead) at +2. Your weapon can talk, and can move itself around at a slow crawl along the floor, but like a cheap remote control car can't manage bumps very well (useful for having it returned to you, ala Luke Skywalker, if the bad guys leave you imprisoned with the weapon in plain sight).

Dedicated versus (Faction)

Choose a faction: Architects/Buro, Ascended/Pledged, Dragons, Eaters of the Lotus, Four Monarchs, Guiding Hand or Jammers. Your weapon is dedicated to the destruction of that faction. Below, the term "members" is used. Any agent of that faction, knowing or otherwise, as long as they are in a fight, counts as a member as far as your weapon is concerned, unless the GM decides that that is silly in a particular case.

Damage dealt by your weapon is not reduced by any armor, external or otherwise, of members of that faction. Damage Immunities by members of that faction do not affect it. Damage dealt by your weapon cannot be healed, prevented or regenerated by effects commonly employed by members of that faction (chi powers for the hand, arcanowave for the Architects, etc etc.), parrying with sorcery skill is an exemption to this rule, and while you are wielding the weapon you gain +1 to resist effects commonly employed by that faction that are being employed by minions of that faction against you.

Most importantly, when using Intimidation against members of that Faction, you gain a +8 bonus to your action value if you pull out your weapon and brandish it at them, shouting something along the lines of "forged by immortals in the belly of the dragon mountain, my sword, eunuchcleaver, is dedicated to the destruction of you and all your evil kind, Jueding Shelun!". This even works on people who don't know who they're working for.


Damage dealt by enhanced weapons is reduced by the lowest of an opponents: constitution, toughness or willpower, instead of toughness. It's magic, you see.

Example: If you hit Joe big bruiser with your enhanced weapon the damage, instead of being reduced 12 (his Tgh), is reduced the lowest of 12 (his Tgh), 11 (his Con) or 5 (his Wil); that is to say, 5.

Self Motivation

When you actively dodge/parry with your martial arts skill and are wielding this weapon, add 5 to your dodge value instead of 3. Your weapon is pulling itself around to assist you. Other People cannot take the weapon and wield it without your permission, it won't let them.

If your weapon is also conscious, it can fly through the air and fight on it's own with a martial arts, Move and Spd equal to it's Mnd. It's considered an unnamed character for purposes of being taken out of the fight, but gets +2 dodge value, and is never destroyed, just incapacitated for the remainder of the fight when hit with an adeqaute outcome.

Soul Drinking

Whenever you kill an unamed character with your weapon, add 1 to your Strength and your Chi and all it's sub attributes for the remainder of the fight. Named characters net you 2 points of increase when you kill them. At the end of each session, you gain arcanowave mutation points equal to the number of people you killed with the weapon. You may use willpower instead of arcanowave device to resist mutation points from this power if you don't have any AI/O ports. You may not incapacitate unnamed characters with this weapon, just kill them.

Unnatural Power

For every sequence you wield this weapon in battle, you gain a mutation point. Add your willpower to the damage dealt by the weapon. You may use your willpower instead of your arcanowave device to resist mutation points from this power if you don't have any AI/O ports. You may not incapcitate unnamed characters with this weapon, just kill them.

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