Jammer Cybernetic Schticks: High-tech Havoc!

By Scott Pyle.

The Jammers have no use for the Buro's Arcanotech devices, and have thus created a "pure" technology uniquely their own. Unfortunately, being Jammers, this tech is notoriously unreliable, often going BOOM at the worst possible moments (like when a Jammer is using it!). Herein, find rules and archetypes for a technology called... Jammertech.

In my Feng Shui campaign I would give the players creating a Techie character the option of dropping his published schtick and picking up 3 Jammertech schticks (meaning he would probably be from the 2056 juncture). Of course, an ambitious player might derive some base attributes for a gorilla or orangutang, complete with enhanced intellect, and build an ex-Jammer character type. An easy way to do this would be to take the Supernatural Creature type and keep the attributes, but trade the Creature schticks and creature Powers skill for Jammertech schticks and the Jammertech skill. (C.f. the Cyber-Ape.

All Jammertech rules are by Scott Pyle except where otherwise noted.

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