Gun Schticks

Bag Full of Guns

By Tun Kai Poh.

This character has a large suitcase or duffel bag filled with a variety of firearms and ammunition. On a successful Guns check, the owner of the Bag may reach into it and pull out any gun from the list in the book (and any other GM-approved weapons). The difficulty of finding a pistol and matching ammo is 5, the difficulty of finding a submachinegun or shotgun and matching ammo is 10, and the difficulty of finding an assault rifle and matching ammo is 15. On a failed roll, the owner pulls out an unloaded gun of the wrong type. On a botched boxcars, the bag is out of useful guns, and cannot be used again until refilled (between scenes).

Once a particular gun is found, it is assumed that it comes with one full load of ammo. To find more ammo, another Guns check is needed at 5 less difficulty for that weapon. 2056 guns and antiques are not normally in the Bag, although the character can fill the Bag with those if she has access to them.

The Bag has a Concealment of 5, regardless of how many guns are actually in it. Each additional schtick of Bag Full Of Guns increases the roll for finding a particular gun by 2. If the character has Lightning Reload, there is no need to roll to find more ammo.

If a character besides the owner of the Bag searches through it for a weapon or ammo, increase the difficulty of the check by 5.

Treat the Bag as a Signature Weapon in the sense that it cannot be lost or damaged under normal circumstances.

Hail of Bullets

By David Eber.

HK cinema often shows scenes of a gunman pumping bullet after bullet into a single opponent at close range, making sure that he goes down and stays down. Hail of Bullets allows you to simulate this effect. This schtick comes into play after you have successfully hit a named character with a gunshot. You may shoot at the same character again on the next shot, and may continue to do so on successive shots as long as each shot hits it's target. However, each shot after the original hit adds a cumulative -1 penalty to your Action Result, so that the original shot would be made normally, the next at -1, the third at -2, and so on. You can offset this penalty by buying mulitple schticks in Hail of Bullets. Each schtick purchased after the first reduces the penalty by 1. For example, a character with three schticks in Hail of bullets would attack with no penalty on the first, second, and third shots, and would then have a -1 penalty on the fourth shot, -2 on the fifth, and so on.

Hail of Bullets can also be combined with Both Guns Blazing. However, while the bonuses from BGB will offset the penalties of HoB, the reverse is not true. For example, a character with 4 schticks in BGB (+1 AV bonus) and 1 in HoB (no penalty reduction) would be at +1 for the first shot, no modifier for the second, -1 for the third shot, and so on. Conversely, a character with 4 schticks in HoB (3 point penalty reduction) and 1 schtick of BGB (-2 AV penalty) would be at -2 on the first, second, third, and fourth shots, -3 on the fifth shot, -4 on the sixth shot, and so on. Of course, this only applies if the character is using two guns simaltaneously.

Itchy Trigger Finger

By Pit Friend.

In your hands any pistol turns into a machinegun and you can never shoot just once. If you fire three bullets from a pistol or pistols in each hand into a single target you add +1 damage to a Named Character or +1 to the AV against an Unnamed Character. If you spend two Schticks on Itchy Trigger Finger you may fire six bullets and do +2 damage/+2 AV. You may not spend more than two Schticks on Itchy Trigger Finger.

Kamikazi Run

By Carl Congdon.

In a particularly dramatic moment, when everything looks grim, the character can come screaming from behind cover, guns blazing, and make a final charge toward the enemy. Everything moves in slow motion as the character and enemy come face-to-face....

By using this schtick, the character bypasses the Toughness of his opponents and goes straight to dealing out damage. Mooks go down if they get hit, period. Plus, the character gets to make a +3 AV Intimidation roll against his opponent(s). Mooks who fail the check get the hell out of Dodge, while named opponents might lose some Shots if their check fails. The bad news is that the character's Dodge AV drops to 0 as he/she is no longer interested in surviving, and the character's Toughness drops to 1/2 (round up). This ends when the Kamikaze Run is over, assuming the character lives.

This can only be used once per story per Schtick the character has. The character can only buy three Schticks in Kamikaze Run.

Revolver Mastery

By Luke Newton.

I was playing in a Feng Shui game as an Ex-Special Forces (Max Falcon), and I watched From Dusk Till Dawn later that night. I was thinking--Revolvers can really be abysmal in Feng Shui. So, I thought of a schtick based on that and Gunsmith Cats (by Kenichi Sonoda -- American manga version).

1) (Surprising Turn of Events) A warrior may load just one round into his revolver (at a shot cost of 1) and spin the chamber, where it stops exactly on the one round. This can only be performed once in a turn (and so is useful for those last-ditch, last-minute shots).

2) (Your Number's Up) Same as Surprising Turn of Events, but a roll must be made. If the result is positive (without rolling a Fortune die), then it stops at the round and causes that particular shot to take down a mook on an outcome of 3 or less.

3) (I'm a Good Guesser) By spending a Fortune point, a warrior may load just one round into the revolver and spin the chamber. A closed roll of Positive + Fortune - Negative is made, and if the result is positive, it has just landed after the round. This is great for intimidation; a rapid 5-pull of a six-shot revolver (as in Gunsmith Cats) can be murder on the nerves.

So Cool

By Benjamin Baugh.

If you have this schtick, you and bullets "have a relationship, see?" You are just too cool to kill, and even if you make no effort to dodge, people just can't seem to hit you with guns and other ranged attacks. This schtick adds 2 to all passive dodges per schtick of So Cool so long as you describe just how cool you look by not ducking or dogging. The GM may negate this penalty if she doesn't think the description suffices. Also, you receive a 2 point bonus per level to resist any kind of intimidation or seduction because you're just So damn Cool. You can take four levels of this schtick.

Slow Mo'

By Benjamin Baugh.

At dramatic, violent moments the world seems to slip into slow motion around you and your reactions razor into crystal. When facing off against a suitably important Named Character, you may reduce the penalty for snapshot actions. With one schticks worth of Slow Mo', you may reduce the snapshot penalty by 1, with two you may reduce it by 2, with three you may reduce it by 3, and with four you can reduce it by 4. The penalty may never be reduced below zero. Four is the maximum number of times this schtick may be taken.

The Trenchcoat

By Chris Fougere.

For every level of this schtick, the character can carry 2 pistols or one larger gun whose concealability ratings do not apply. These weapons also are in addition to the 10 weapons/clips a character can normally carry (p. 79). This schtick can only be used with a trenchcoat/duster/long opera cape etc. The piece of clothing must be long enough to realistically (more or less) hide the weapon(s) and at least come to the PC's mid-thigh. No more than 4 Schticks can be spent on this schtick.

This allows PCs to stylishly carry lots of guns but still keeps limits on the number of guns available (and types). The enhanced concealability is great for those nights where you want to go to the club but can't risk not having firepower handy.

Trick Shot

By John McGrady.

The person with this schtick is exceptionally proficient with using guns in ways other people only dream of. Each time Trick Shot is taken the AV penalty for stunts involving guns is reduced by one. This schtick may be taken up to x times where x is the number of gun schticks you already posess (maximum 4).

This schtick represents the skill that some action heroes have with guns, doing things like shooting behind himself while looking in a mirror (and having a good chance of hitting). The restrictions on taking Trick Shot are there so that only people who are already good with guns can take this "advanced" schtick. [Webmaster's note: I wouldn't restrict it in my campaign, personally.]

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