Remember the days when you used to have time to throw up a Web page for everything you did or thought about? I do. They looked like this.


Sites I (still) visit often
Re-upped for my brother's wedding; they had a hash tag
This Is My Jam
Music, sometimes


Population: One
Personal blog; pretty sparse these days
Imaginary Cogs
Blogging on technical operations & the game industry; likewise sparse

Toys & Hacks

Flickr CC Photos
An automatic feed of interesting Creative Commons licensed photos from Flickr
Barbecue Graphs
Sometimes I smoke meat on my Big Green Egg, and I have this Wifi-enabled temperature probe, so I hooked it up to Graphite...

Tabletop Gaming

Into the Sunset
GMless roleplaying game about romantic comedies (PDF)
Above the Earth
Superhero RPG written for a 24 Hour RPG challenge (PDF)
Shadowfist Archive
An archive of my old Shadowfist site
Feng Shui
My rather dated Feng Shui RPG pages
A Champions campaign run by Carl Rigney


The Transmet Feed
Transmetropolitan fan site kept current for a full nine issues
Are The Lakers In The Playoffs?
Snarky Lakers NBA playoff tracker, auto-updated via Erik Berg's NBA data feeds

Finally, My Cat